R & D

Research and development

R&D in the Company is aimed at the achievement of strategic goals of the Company in accordance with the development Strategy and Innovation and Technology Development Strategy.

R&D management shall be considered as a process comprising the entire life cycle of development, beginning with the statement of the priority scientific and technical tasks and ending with the assessment and accounting of the actual effect of the R&D results in the practical activities of KEGOC.

The key objectives of the R&D management in the Company and its branches are: 

1) create, classify and develop processes of R&D planning and implementation, taking into account their priority and urgency for the innovation and technology development in the Company; 

2) ensure efficient interaction of processes associated with the development and use of R&D products; 

3) introduce R&D results to improve the efficiency and quality of operational and business processes; 

4)  monitor the achievement of target indicators. 

R&D in KEGOC are organized in accordance with the Rules for organization of Research and Development works at KEGOC.According to the rules, technological tasks for the next 5 years are formed.

The list of priority scientific and technical tasks of KEGOC for 2021-2025:



Implementation of energy storage systems


Compensation of reactive power of the UPS of Kazakhstan

Interested organizations can send an application to KEGOC for R&D for each task in accordance with the attached documents.

Appendix 1 – R&D application form.
Appendix 2 – Technical assignment draft form for the implementation of R&D.
Appendix 3 – R&D cost estimates form.
Appendix 4 – Calendar work plan form.