Online platform for collecting ideas

In order to create an effective platform for collecting, reviewing and discussing rationalization ideas within the Company, as well as analyzing their attractiveness and feasibility, in 2014 the section "KEGOC IDEA" was created on the internal corporate portal of KEGOC JSC (further - Section). The launch of the Section made it possible to automate the entire application review process, which in turn significantly reduced the time from submitting an application to making a final decision. At the same time, unnecessary paperwork has also been successfully reduced.

Procedure for the submission and consideration of application

1) Submitting an application for a rationalization proposal in electronic form on the internal corporate portal in the section "KEGOC IDEA";

2) Preliminary verification of the submitted application;

3) Consideration of the proposal by the relevant structural unit and provision of an expert opinion;

4) Discussion of applications by members Of the Committee on innovation and technological development and recognition of proposals as innovative;

5) Receiving remuneration (material/non-material) and a certificate for the rationalization proposal.

Types of rewards

In the Company and its branches, the amount of material reward for the implemented rationalization proposal is determined in two categories:

1) The first category - rationalization proposals with no economic effect or with a small economic effect. These are rationalization proposals, the implementation of which is not expected to have an economic effect or the economic effect is up to 2 000 000 tenge. The amount of remuneration for rationalization proposals for the 1st category is calculated in accordance with Appendix 3 of the Rules and may not exceed 200 000 (two hundred thousand) tenge.

2) The second category - rationalization proposals with an economic effect. These are rationalization proposals, the implementation of which will have an economic effect of 2 000 000 tenge or more. The amount of remuneration for rationalization proposals in the 2nd category is 10% of the amount of actual annual income/savings, but not more than 5 000 000 tenge.

Non-material types of rewards for the most active innovators include:

1) Differentiated or correspondence method of certification for compliance with the position held;

2) Letters of commendation from the Chairman of the Company's management Board;

3) Submission for awards of the Kazakhstan electric power Association, KAZENERGY Association, and the CIS Electric power Council;

4) The opportunity to participate in specialized conferences, seminars and exhibitions on the electric power industry.

Contest «Best rationalization proposal»

The "Best rationalization proposal" contest (further - Contest) is held in order to motivate the company's innovators and employees and involve them in the RIA. The competition is held on an annual basis and the main objective of the competition is to identify the most effective rationalization proposals and to encourage distinguished authors of rationalization proposals.

Based on the results of the Competition held in 2020, the following rationalization proposals were identified as the best in 2019:

Monitoring of rationalization activities

For the period 2013-2020, 204 applications were recognized as rationalization proposals. More than 260 employees of the Company and its subsidiaries are rationalizers. The proposals of some of the Company's employees were recognized as rationalization 5 or more times. The most active rationalizers are:

Statistics of rationalization proposals by company for 2013-2020:

The amount of remuneration for rationalization proposals in the period 2016-2020:

Continuous improvement of the RIA process

Every year, KEGOC JSC holds a meeting on improving rationalization and inventive activities in KEGOC JSC and its branches, which is attended by employees of the company's branches. During the meeting, problematic issues on the organization of RIA, proposals for improving the system are discussed, as well as an exchange of experience between IG branches on organizing a system of rationalization activities.

For the purpose of providing information to the RID, spreading experience and organizing the implementation of innovation proposals, the Company publishes an information bulletin of innovation proposals, which is distributed among the company's and its branches’ employees . If necessary, the author (co-authors) of the rationalization proposal can visit the Company’s facilities for direct implementation of the rationalization proposal.

Each Branch and subsidiary has assigned employees responsible for the RIA, whose responsibilities include comprehensive assistance in the organization of the RIA. At least once a year, they perform a field trip to the company's facilities located in the area of responsibility of another branch to ensure the exchange of experience between employees responsible for the organization of RIA in the company's branches.