Business Transformation Programme

Our current achievements make a firm foundation for future development. The world is changing fast, and we all are the witnesses of economic changes in our country and in the world, fast and sustainable development of technologies, alternation of generations and increasing number of young professionals.  All these have significant impact on sustainability of business development, including our company.  Business Transformation Programme will help us to realise our strengths and determine areas for further development; we need this to stay on the leading positions in our industry.

Bakytzhan Kazhiyev,
Chairman of the Management Board of KEGOC

Why do we need the Transformation Programme?

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in his address “Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy: new political course of the matured nation” set the national goal to join the top thirty most competitive countries in the world by 2050.

Samruk-Kazyna (hereinafter referred as the Fund) owns a number of largest assets in Kazakhstan and plays crucial role in providing necessary conditions for achieving the goals of the Strategy. Performance indicators of investments and operations of the Fund and its portfolio companies are not sufficient for achieving the goals of the national Strategy. To improve investments and operations efficiency the Fund has developed a large-scale programme of transformation in the Fund and controlled portfolio companies.

What is the Business Transformation?

The Business Transformation Programme is a set of projects associated with KEGOC's operations designed and implemented to improve efficiency of the operations, create common information area and integrated management system, and build a corporate culture of continuous improvement.

Goals of the Transformation Programme

Harmonize and optimize business processes and structures 
Improve operations efficiency
Create common information area and integrated management system
Build a corporate culture of continuous improvement

Stages of Transformation Programme mplementation

The process of adoption and implementation of the Transformation Programme is divided into specific stages:

Stage 0: Preparation – prepare and approve the framework documents, team mobilisation, start the process to engage the consultants.
Stage 1: Diagnostics and design – identify the interested parties and methods of interaction with them, list transformation areas for the Company, analyse the value chain, build high level process chart, set priorities for automation, etc.
Stage 2: Planning – approve implementation schedule for transformation projects.
Stage 3: Implementation – launch the projects approved for implementation in accordance with the schedule.

Key areas of transformation


Revise internal processes to improve their efficiency and enhance accountability of the process owners
Benchmark with leading technical and system operators
Improve energy efficiency and ecological performance  of the operations
Reduce bureaucracy
Improve organizational structure efficiency


Improve storage and transfer of unique special knowledge and maintain high qualification of the personnel
Formalize company’s value system shared by all employees
Develop management skills focused on promotion of innovations
Team up around the common goals and common problems solving
Raise awareness of personnel of their contribution to the common cause


Automate the processes in accordance with the modern trends
Create common information area 
Create active-adaptive (smart) National Power Grid

How Transformation Programme will impact the company's employees?

People are one of the company's major resources, which is why the Transformation Programme pays so much attention to HR management. The company will promote development of the new knowledge and skills of all, without exception, employees in accordance with the goals of the Programme.  Involvement in the transformation process will help employees to improve professionalism, gain valuable experience, unleash hidden potential, develop leadership skills and initiative.

The company's specialists shall be aware of the necessity of the Transformation Programme and be prepared for difficult, but interesting and cognitive teamwork.

Main benefits for KEGOC’s employees:

Work in the state of art and progressive company that appreciates high professionalism and competence
Reduced inefficient work
Involvement in the improvement of the results of their own 
Uniting and trusting working environment

Specially for implementation of the Programme the company will team up with the professionals who care for the company.

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