R&D in the Company is aimed at the achievement of strategic goals of the Company in accordance with the Long-Term Strategy and Innovation and Technology Development Strategy.

R&D management shall be considered as a process comprising the entire life cycle of development, beginning with the statement of the priority scientific and technical tasks and ending with the assessment and accounting of the actual effect of the R&D results in the practical activities of KEGOC and its subsidiaries. 

The key objectives of the R&D management in the Company and its branches are: 

1) create, classify and develop processes of R&D planning and implementation, taking into account their priority and urgency for the innovation and technology development in the Company; 

2) ensure efficient interaction of processes associated with the development and use of R&D products; 

3) introduce R&D results to improve the efficiency and quality of operational and business processes; 

4) monitor the achievement of target indicators. 

R&D in KEGOC are organized in accordance with the Rules for  organization of research and development works in KEGOC and its branches approved by the Minutes of the Management Board of KEGOC dated 16 January 2015. 

The KEGOC's R&D Plan is drawn up based on the approved List of the priority scientific and technical tasks of KEGOC for the upcoming one-year and/or two-year period. 

The list of priority scientific and technical tasks of KEGOC for 2016-2020: 



Active and reactive power balance regulation in the UPS of Kazakhstan in order to ensure the normal levels of voltage and frequency


Improve observability and controllability of the UPS of Kazakhstan


Improve efficiency in operation, construction and reconstruction of the Power lines and Substations of the National Power Grid


Improve energy efficiency

The interested organisations shall submit to KEGOC by 1 June their applications for the draft R&D plan for the upcoming year and justify the necessity to develop the subject, its cost, used approach, efficiency, how its results can be introduced to KEGOC's activity, in accordance with Appendix 1 hereto. The proposals shall comply with the 'List of works related to research, technology and (or) development'

The proposals submitted without the complete package of documents shall not be reviewed and are subject to return. 

Appendix 2- The form of draft terms of reference for research work. 

Appendix 3 - The form of draft terms of reference for development work. 

Appendix 4 - The form of calendar work plan 

Appendix 5 - The form of R&D cost estimates