Information on rationalization and inventive activity in KEGOC and its branches and affiliates:

Rationalization and inventive activity (RIA) is paid special attention in KEGOC, because these activities are aimed at achievement of the strategic goals of the Company in accordance with the Long-Term Strategy of KEGOC until 2025 and Innovation and Technology Development Strategy of KEGOC.

The key objectives of the RIA management in the Company and its branches are:

- promote RIA and further development of technical creativity of the employees of the Company and its branches and affiliates;

- promote the interest of the Company's and branches' personnel in the results of their labour through moral and financial encouraging of the technical creativity.

RIA in KEGOC shall comply with the Rules for rationalization and innovative activity management in KEGOC and its branches and affiliates (hereinafter - the Rules), developed and updated in 2012 and 2013 accordingly.

Key changes to the Rules made in 2013 relate to the incentive issues and introduction of the rationalization proposals. For instance, the amount of the remuneration of category 2 (rationalization proposals with expected economic effect) was increased from KZT 1 million to KZT 5 million. Additionally, in order to expand the opportunities and seek potential ideas, the Company provided its employees with the opportunity to make applications with their rationalization proposals without the necessity to introduce them and submit the relevant report on utilization. This change was introduced due to the need for the material resources and/or timing budget for introduction. In this case, the Company provides the required material resources to an employee for manufacture of a prototype and purchase of additional equipment. The other incentive mechanism used for the employees participating in the RIA is to give the opportunity to active rationalizers to participate in the specialized conferences, seminars and exhibitions for electric power industry.

In order to create the meaningful platforms for collection, review and discussion of the rationalization ideas internally in the Company, and also to analyse their attractiveness and feasibility, in 2014 KEGOC created a 'Rationalizer' section on its corporate web-site (hereinafter - the Section). This Section allows the automation of entire process of application review, thus significantly reducing the time from application filing to the final decision thereon. Additionally the excessive paperwork was effectively reduced as well.  


In 2015 for the purpose of increasing the social status and promoting rationalization activity, the rationalizerhonours boards and rationalization activity stands were arranged at all branches including Territorial Electric Networks. 


 Every yearKEGOC holds a meeting on improvement of innovation and inventive activity in KEGOC and its subsidiaries, where employees of the company's branches take part.  During the meeting, the problematic issues on the organization of RIА, proposals for improving the system were discussed, as well as the exchange of experience between the intersystem grids (IG)branches of KEGOC on the organization of the system of rationalization activities.





Statistics of implemented proposals recognized as innovation indicates the dynamics of growth of interest among the employees of the company to innovation and inventive activity:


The graph of implemented proposals recognized rationalization in the context of the company for 2018:


As the practice proves, another efficient RIA motivation and incentive tool is the annual Best Rationalization Proposal Contest (hereinafter - the Contest), the key objective of which is to determine the most efficient rationalization proposals and encourage the authors of the best rationalization proposals.

According to the Contest held in 2018, the best rationalization proposals of 2017 were as follows:


 "Device excluding the landing of birds on the edge of the traverse of reinforced concrete supports VL 220-500kV", a branch of JSC "KEGOC" “Akmola IG". A reward of 150 MCI.



S.V. Terentyev  - Master of the 1st group Atbasar TES

Place 2

""A device for replacing idler garlands of insulators on a 220 kV overhead line", branch of "KEGOC" JSC "Northern IG ". The reward of 100 MCI.








I.V. Batulin - The chief of the Central TES

D. S. Grod – the electric-gas welder of the Central TES











Place 3

 "Methods of calculating the residual and switching life of gas-insulated switches 35 kV and above", Department of operation of the Executive Directorate of JSC "KEGOC". A reward of 50 MCI.




N.N. Kerimkulov - chief of substation Devision


To ensure the informational support of the RIA, sharing of experience and introduction of rationalisation proposals, the Company issues the information bulletin on the rationalisation proposals, which is distributed among the employees of the Company and branches and affiliates. As necessary, the company arranges for the trip of the author (co-authors) of a rationalisation proposal to the Company's facilities to implement the rationalisation proposal.  In every branch and affiliate there are designated employees responsible for RIA, whose responsibilities include the provision of comprehensive support to RIA.

It shall be noted that as a result of the comprehensive support to RIA in the Company, the first invention patent in the history of the Company was obtained for the 'Suspension tower guy wire anchoring assembly located above the ground surface'. The patent holder is KEGOC, and the authors of the invention are KEGOC's employees: Yu. Syzdykov, V. Lednyov, and Yu. Gulitski. The patent was registered in the State Invention Register of the Republic of Kazakhstan under No. 27514 dated 24 September 2013.



The National Agency for Technological Development powered by the Ministry of Investments and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan holds the annual national contest for rationalisation proposals called INNOVATOR.KZ. This contest is held to demonstrate to wide audience 'the human face' of the leading industrial companies of Kazakhstan, to show the importance of the rationalisation for the economic development, and present the distinguished rationalisers and their innovations.

The objective of the contest is: to promote and stimulate the rationalisation activities, stimulate the creative potential of rationalisers in resolving the creative tasks, and ensure efficient production in various spheres of business in Kazakhstan. In 2010, it was the first time when the contest was held and broadcast on the Khabar TV, and in 2011 the contest was broadcast on the Kazakhstan national TV.

INNNOVATOR.KZ was created to discover and encourage both rationalisers and the companies introducing the rationalisation proposals.


In 2013, the rationalisation proposal of KEGOC, called 'Restoration of induction coil in coupling filters' prepared by N. Karpenko and V. Kostin, employees of Northern branch of EnergoInform, became a finalist of the Innovator.KZ national contest held by the National Agency for Technological Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. A TV spot was made about the rationalisers and broadcast on the Kazakhstan TV.


  N. Karpenko                          V. Kostin

In 2014, KEGOC also participated in the contest and had several achievements. The rationalisation proposal on 'Reactor Relocation' (co-authors - Ye. Mussatayev, I. Parafiyev, Yu. Sukhoplyuyev, S. Saphonov, N. Apish, I. Shchepetkova from Almatinskiye MES) was included into the list of finalists nominated to 'The best rationalisation solution of the year'. KEGOC was nominated to 'The best corporate system of support to rationalisation activity' and awarded a Certificate of a finalist by A. Issekeshev, Minister of Investments and Development of Kazakhstan. The award ceremony was held in Astana on 28 October 2014. These events were also covered on the Astana national TV.