500 kV OHTL Shulbinsk HPP (Semey) - Aktogay - Taldykorgan - Alma Construction Project


Stage II of the project shall increase the transmission capacity of the national power grid in North-South direction, cover the needs of electrified rail roads, energy intensive facilities of metal mining industry, create conditions for development of the cross-border territories and large scale development of renewable energy potential and strengthen the link with Zone East of the Kazakhstan unified power system.

Project implementation period: 2012-2018

Project cost: KZT 96.4 billion inclusive of VAT.

The project is financed from equity funds and funds received from the Unified Accumulative Pension Fund JSC through sale of coupon bonds issued by KEGOC. As of 11 September 2017 the coupon bonds were completely placed, the funds were raised to the amount of KZT 83.8 billion.

Number of jobs: 1,114 jobs for the construction period and 65 jobs for operation period.

Location: Almaty and East Kazakhstan Oblasts

Project description:

- Construct 500 kV OHTL Semey - Aktogai (393.54 km);

- Construct 500 kV OHTL Aktogai - Taldykorgan (287.41 km);

- Construct 500 kV OHTL Taldykorgan - Alma (203.78 km);

- Construct 220 kV cross-connection lines for connection of 500 kV Taldykorgan SS (183.9 km);

- Construct 500 kV Aktogai SS;

- Construct 500 kV Taldykorgan SS;

- Extend and rehabilitate 500 kV Alma SS;

- Extend 500 kV Semey SS.

Project implementation:  

Construction and erection works under the project are completed. The facilities were launched on 11 December 2018 during the national teleconference held on the Industrialization Day with the head of the state.

500 kV OHTL Semey - Aktogai - Taldykorgan - Alma with the total length of 883 km and 220 kV cross-connection lines for connection of 500 kV Taldykorgan SS with the total length of 183.9 km have been constructed. New 500 kV Aktogai SS and Taldykorgan SS have been built, and 500 kV Alma SS and Semey SS have been extended.

Since the project start, the disbursed capital investments amounted to KZT 91,351.131 million inclusive of VAT, including in 2018 KZT 14,554.062 million inclusive of VAT and exclusive of capitalized interest on borrowed funds.