Kazakhstan Electricity Transmission Rehabilitation Project


Kazakhstan Electricity Transmission Rehabilitation Project

Project objectives:

Improve reliability and quality of power supply through rehabilitation of substations, dispatch and control systems; develop competition by establishing the environment for sustainable operation of the wholesale electricity market and improving access to transmission networks; reduce operational costs; expand the range of KEGOC services.

Project financing included credit facilities of the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, European Bank for Reconstruction and Development and KEGOC’s own funds.

Project implementation period: 2000-2009 

Main project components:

1. Modernization of High-Voltage Equipment Funded By IBRD, EBRD and KEGOC

Modernization of high voltage equipment was performed at 43 substations.

The total number of 5213 items of 110/220/500 kV high-voltage equipment has been delivered to the sites of the project during the period of 2002-2005, including:

  • 110/220/500 kV HV circuit-breakers made by Siemens AG and AREVA, total amount – 519 items,
  • 110/220/500 kV disconnectors and post insulators, made by AREVA, total amount – 2968 items;
  • 110/220/500 kV voltage transformers, made by ABB and AREVA, total amount – 460 items;
  • 110/220/500 kV current transformers, made by AREVA – total amount 606 items;
  • 110/220/500 kV surge arrestors, made by Siemens AG, total amount-660 items.

Modernization of high-voltage equipment at KEGOC substations has been completed in the third quarter of 2006. 

2. Replacement of Relay Protection and Substations Automation

Substations automation is based on the integration to the unified system of off-line equipment at each of two levels of automation: digital protection and bay control, substation control system.

Modernization has been completed at 67 substations. Siemens has delivered the equipment, installed RPA cubicles and Substation Control and Monitoring System (more than 1800 items) and timely commissioned RPA devices in accordance with the approved Contract Agreement Implementation Period.

3. Modernization of Supervisory Control Including Delivery and Development of Electricity Grid Management System (SCADA/EMS) Funded by IBRD

The main project objective of this component was to develop unified automated real-time control system of Unified Power System of the Republic of Kazakhstan equipped with the up-to-date engineering software tools that meet international industrial standards. Implementation of the project increased reliability of power generation, consumption and transmission monitoring process.

The contract for the delivery and installation of SCADA/EMS in the National Dispatch Centre of System Operator (NDC SO) and 9 dispatch centres has been concluded with Siemens AG Osterreich. The system has been delivered and installed in 2005. In the first quarter of 2006 functional and final testing of the system have been performed successfully.

4. Establishment of Digital Corporate Telecommunication Network Funded by EBRD and KEGOC

Establishment of telecommunication network has provided the dispatch and technological telephone communication; transmission of real time telemetering data, remote signals, commands to real-time information system; transmission of Commercial Metering System data; transmission of the company’s information management system data on business and operations; transmission of relay protection and emergency system signals between substations, data transmission and information exchange with power market participants; Internet Access.

During the period of 2003-2005 the telecommunication equipment has been delivered and installed in the scope of:

  •      62 automatic branch exchanges,
  •      87 uninterruptable power supply systems,
  •      63 ground terminals of satellite network,
  •      124 radio-relay system.

125 PLC-links have been delivered.

5. Establishment of Commercial Metering System (CMS) Funded by EBRD

CMS is a hardware and software complex providing collection and processing of the information on power flows, calculation and storage of the parameters of the predetermined period, transmission and display of the information.

CMS was provided by ELIOP Ltd. Under the integration of Commercial Metering System in 2001, АВВ Metronika has provided 1599 meters.

Supply and installation of CMS equipment was completed in the fourth quarter 2004. Complex testing and acceptance of CMS was performed during March-April 2005.

6. Electricity Trade System Funded by IBRD

Siemens AG Osterreich, a leading company in the Power Management Systems market, has supplied and installed Power Trading System for the Spot Market of Kazakhstan. The advantage of the system is its ability for development, flexibility of options, easy and reliable operation.

Trade System was supplied and installed during 2003-2004, and commissioned in 2004.

 7.  Consultancy Service

During the period of 2000-2006 international consultants have rendered services on procurement, project management, development of the Grid Code and Spot Market Rules. KEGOC concluded contracts for consultancy services with International Consultant companies (SaskPower, KEMA Consulting, Nord Pool Consulting, ESBI, SwedPower/MVV) that participated in preparation of the bidding documents for the components of the project.

All procurement procedures have been performed on the basis of international competitive bidding in accordance with rules and procedures of financial institutions such as EBRD and IBRD. The preliminary qualification of potential bidders, one-stage or two-stage bidding had been planned subject to the complexity of the component of the project. This allowed concluding the contracts for supply of equipment, information technologies and services on the best conditions for the Company beneficial from the technical and economical points of view.


Under the Modernization Project the training of KEGOC personnel was provided. Personnel professional training on operation of the equipment and information systems at contractors` manufacturing plants and sites was provided for 827 specialists of KEGOC. As much as 107 representatives of the Company participated in the factory testing during the period of equipment supply at the sites of the Project.