Kazakhstan Electricity Transmission Rehabilitation Project, Phase II



The aim of the Kazakhstan Electricity Transmission Rehabilitation Project, Phase II is to improve efficiency of the electricity market operation, provide for long-term sustainable development of Kazakhstan's economy, ensure effective and stable operation of electrical equipment in market conditions, increase reliability and quality of electricity supply to consumers, improve the technical and environmental safety of high-voltage equipment, reduce the costs of  maintenance and repair of equipment, improve the technical level and reliability of the national power grid (NPG) of Kazakhstan.

Project implementation period: 2010-2019

Project cost: KZT 49.7 billion inclusive of VAT.

Project description:

Stage I

-          Replace high-voltage equipment at 55 substations;

-          Install one 220 kV shunt reactor;

-          Install and replace autotransformers: twelve 500 kV single phase units and eleven 220 kV sets;

-          Rehabilitate and replace protective relays.

Stage II

-          Construct 220 kV OHTL Tulkubas ‑ Burnoye (61.3 km).

Current status of the project:

Stage I

Construction and erection works under Stage I were completed in 2014. All 55 substations were commissioned with respective State Acceptance Certificates.

Stage II  

Contract No. 01-25-D-92 dated 09 February 2018 was concluded for construction and erection work under Stage II of 220 kV OHTL Tulkubas - Burnoye (t) construction project. At present, materials and equipment have been delivered, construction and installation work are in progress, foundations have been installed on 164 sets out of 262, 182 towers out of 262 have been installed, 33.119 km out of 61.3 km of conductors have been erected.