Pavlodar Electricity Transmission Reinforcement Project


The aim of the project is to improve reliability of the power system in Pavlodar power region by construction of 220 kV electricity link between the region and Kazakhstan unified power system (UPS).

Project implementation period: 2011-2018

Project cost: KZT 8.8 billion (Company's funds).

Location: Pavlodar oblast

Number of jobs: 124 jobs for the construction period and 2 jobs for operation period.

Project description:

-        Construct 220 kV OSG at 110 kV Pavlodarskaya SS;

-        Construct 220 kV OHTL EEC - Promyshlennaya (57.122 km);

-        Upgrade 110 kV OHTL EEC ‑ Pavlodarskaya to 220 kV (20,905 km);

-        Rehabilitate and extend 220 kV OSG at EEC power plant;

-        Replace conventional ground wire with the composite ground wire cable with optical fibres (OPGW) 500 kV OHTL EGRES-1 - EEC power plant (121.283 km).

Current status of the project:

At present, under Construction of 220 kV OSG at 110 kV Pavlodar SS the power and switching equipment have been mounted with the exception of two disconnect switches, and RPA cabinets have been installed in a new Relay House. Today, the work on laying and terminating cables is performed.

Construction and erection works are in progress under 220 kV OHTL EEC - Promyshlennaya. At present, foundations have been installed on 194 out of 195 sets, 192 out of 195 towers have been mounted and 53.1 out of 57.1 km of conductors and 48 out of 57.1 km of OPGW have been installed.

Foundations and towers have been installed on 5 sets (out of 5), OPGW have been mounted for 20.5 km (out of 22.06). Cross-connection lines are left to be erected from both ends of OSG.

Under Rehabilitation and Extension of 220 kV OSG at EEC power plant 100% of the equipment have been installed, cable termination is progress.

Replacement of conventional ground wire with the composite ground wire cable with optical fibres (OPGW) 500 kV OHTL GRES-1 – EEC power plant, and construction and erection works have been fully completed on this facility.

Since the project start date the disbursed capital investments amounted to KZT 6,215.467 million inclusive of VAT.