Akmolinskiye MES


Akmolinskiye MES branch of KEGOC was established in September 1997.

The head of the branch is Zhanabay Alshynbekov.

The core activities of the branch are:

• Transmission of power and electricity in electric networks from the busbars of substations and electric power plants in the amount and in accordance with the operation modes specified by NDC SO;

• Development of the optimal electric network topology in terms of reliability and efficiency.

The operation area of Akmolinskiye MES (Nur-Sultan) branch covers Akmolinskaya and North Kazakhstan oblasts. The branch networks are an integral part of the Kazakhstan UPS and are interconnected with the networks of the Sarbaiskiye MES, Severnye MES and Tsentralnye MES branches, and with the power systems of Russia.

Thus the branch transfer electricity to Sarbaiskiye MES, Severnye MES and Tsentralnye MES branches, and power systems of the Russia (ODU Urals dispatch control ODU Siberia dispatch control).

The property of the branch includes 10-1150 kV overhead power lineswith a total length of 4230.431 km (circuits), as well as 10 substations of 220-1150 kV, with a total capacity of 5185.3 MVA.

Energy sources: power plants of regional importance (Akmola CHPP-2, Petropavlovskaya CHPP-2, Yereymentau WPP-1, Astana EXPO-2017 wind farm) and local power plants (Akmola CHPP-1, Stepnogorsk CHPP, Sergeyevskaya HPP, Zenchenko wind farm).

Number of staff: 582 employees.


City of Nur-Sultan, Baykonyr distr, Ondіrіs residency block, 3/2 Ushkonyr St.

Tel.: +7 (7172) 69-33-59 (reception)

Tel.: +7 (7172) 69-33-00 (document control office).

Tel.: +7 (7172) 69-33-52 on-duty RDC dispatcher.