Aktyubinskiye MES


Aktyubinskiye MES branch of KEGOC was established in October 1997.

The head of the branch is Serikbay Ryskeldi.

The core activities of the branch are:

• Transmission of power and electricity in electric networks from the busbars of substations and electric power plants in the amount and in accordance with the operation modes specified by NDC SO;

• Development of the optimal electric network topology in terms of reliability and efficiency.

The area of operations of Aktyubinskiye MES branch (Aktobe) cover Aktobe and West Kazakhstan oblasts and its networks are interconnected by 500 kV L-5740 Zhytikara-Ulke overhead line with Kazakhstan UPS. Ural energy region is connected to the electric networks of Zapadnye MES branch of KEGOC. There is no connection between the Aktobe and Ural energy regions.

Power sources:

• Power plants Zone North of the UPS of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

• Local power plants (Aktyubinskaya CHPP, AZF PP, Zhanazholskaya GTPP, GTPP-200, GTPP-KPK, UGTPP-54, Ural CHPP);

• Power plants of Russia (reserve).

The property of the branch includes 10-500 kV overhead power lines with a total length of 967.194 km (circuits), as well as 7 substations of 220-500 kV, with a total capacity of 2425.5 MVA.

Number of staff: 251 employees.


030000, city of Aktobe, 44, 312th Infantry Division St, 

Tel: +7 (7132) 70-03-59

Fax: +7 (7132) 77-39-74