Almatinskiye MES


Almatinskiye MES branch of KEGOC was established in September 1997.

Director of the branch is Kairat Karakesekov.

The main objectives of the Branch are:

Transmission of power and electricity in electric networks from the busbars of substations and electric power plants in the amount and in accordance with the operation modes specified by NDC SO;

Development of the optimal electric network topology in terms of reliability and efficiency.

The area of operations of Almatinskiye MES (Almaty) branch covers Almaty and Zhambyl oblasts. The branch networks are an integral part of the Kazakhstan UPS and are interconnected with the networks of Tsentralnye MES, Vostochnye MES and Yuzhnye MES branches, and with the power systems of Kyrgyzstan. Energy sources: local power plants (Almaty CHPP-1, Almaty CHPP-3 (GRES), Tekeli CHPP, cascade of Almaty HPPs, Antonovskaya HPP, Karatalskaya HPP, Uspenskaya HPP).

The property of the branch includes 0.4-500 kV overhead power lines with a total length of 4225.143 km (circuits), as well as 12 substations of 35-500 kV, with a total capacity of 4897.35 MVA.

Number of staff: 477 employees.


050008, Almaty 162/7 Shevchenko St

Tel: +7 (727) 332-42-59