“Severnye intersystem grids” branch of KEGOC JSC was created in September 1997.

The director of branch – Kairat Urazhanov.

The main purpose of the branch activity is:

  • Realization of power and electric energy transfer via the grids from the buses of substations and power stations, in the fixed volumes and modes set by NDC SO (National Dispatching Center of System Operator);

  • Forming the optimal scheme of the power grids in respect to reliability and economy.

“Severnye IG” (Ekibastuz) is located in Pavlodar area. The branch’s grids are the component part of EEC (European Economic Community) Kazakhstan and connected by the intersystem PTL (power transmission line) to the grids of “Vostochnye IG”, “Akmolinskiy IG” and “Centralnye IG” branches; by the interstate PTL to the adjoining energy systems of the Russian Federation. On electric networks of branch delivery power is carried out in EES of Kazakhstan.


1) Power stations of national value:

  • “Eurasian Power Corporation Aksuskaja of a state district power station,
  • “Open Company " АES-Ekibastuz " (Ekibastuzkaya the state district power station ГРЭС-1);
  • “JSC Ekibastuzskaja Station of the state districts power station (ГРЭС-2);

2) Power stations of regional value:

  • “JSC “Pavlodar Energo” the Pavlodar thermal power station (TPS-3);

3) Power stations of local value:

  • “JSC “Aluminum of Kazakhstan” Pavlodar thermal power station (TPS-1);
  • “JSC “Pavlodar Energo” Pavlodar thermal power station (TPS-2);
  • “JSC “Pavlodar Energo” Ekibastuzkaya thermal power station.

The property of the branch includes overhead transmission lines in overhead clearance 0.4 – 1150 kV with total length 3379.08 km (circuits), and also 8 substations 110 – 1150 kV, with total capacity of 3520.6 MVA.  

The staff numbers 396 employees.


141208, The Pavlodar area, Ekibastuz, 126, Mukhtar Auezov Str.,


Ph./ fax: +7 (7187) 331-974, +7 (7187) 348-659