Vostochnye MES


Vostochnye MES branch of KEGOC was established in December 1997.

Director of the branch is Urazhanov Kairat Manapovich

The main purpose of the branch is:

• Activation transmission of electric power and electrical energy by electriс networks from substation busbars and electric stations in the determined capacity and modes that specified by National Dispatching Center of Systematic Operator;

• Formation of the optimal scheme of electrical networks from the point of view of reliability and economy.

«Vostochnye MES» (Ust’-Kamenogorsk) is located in East Kazakhstan region. The networks of the branch are an integral part of the Unital Energetic System of Kazakhstan and are connected by inter-system power lines with the electric networks of branches «Severnye MES»,  «Almaty MES», interstate power lines with the electric grid enterprise of the Russian Federation.

Power sources: hydroelectric power plants of national importance (Bukhtarma Hydro Power Plant, Ust-Kamenogorsk HPP, Shulba HPP), power plants of regional importance (Ust-Kamenogorsk Central Heating Power Plant) and power plants of local importance (Leninogorsk CHPP, Sogra CHPP, Semipalatinsk CHPP PP, Tishinka HPP, Khariuzov HPP, Zaisan HPP). 

The property of the branch includes overhead transmission lines in overhead clearance 0.4 – 500 kV with total length 1919,29 km (circuits), and also 7 substations 220 – 500 kV, with total capacity of 4362.5MVA.

Number of staff are 296 persons.


070018, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Bazhova str., 67

Reception of "Vostochnye MES"

Ph.:. 7 (7232) 406-359

E-mail address of a reception: priemnayaVMES@kegoc.kz