Yuzhnye MES


Yuzhnye MES branch of KEGOC was established in September 1997.

Head of Branch: Sergey Goldstein.

The main purpose of activities of the branch is:

• To transmit capacity and electricity in the networks from busbars of substations and power plants in volumes and in accordance with the operation modes set by NDC SO;

• Develop and maintain the optimal scheme of electrical networks in terms of reliability and efficiency.

Yuzhnye MES (Shymkent) are located in Zhambyl, Turkestan and Kyzylorda oblasts. The branch networks are an integral part of the Kazakhstan UPS and are interconnected by transmission lines with the electric networks of the Tsentralnye MES and Almatinskiye MES branches; and by interstate transmission lines with electric grid enterprises of Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan.

The electric networks of the branch of the Kazakhstan UPS is used to maintain parallel operation with the IPS of Central Asia.

Power sources:

• Zhambyl GRES JSC named after T.I. Baturov,

• Shardara HPP JSC;

• Z-Energoortalyk JSC;

• YuzhPoliMetall Production Complex JSC;

• Kyzylordateploenergocenter GKP;

• Tarazenergencenter JSC.

• CHP of "Object K” BaikonurEnergo PEA PUE


• Kentau Service GKP

• Burnoye Solar-1 LLP (SPP Burnoye Solar-1)

• Burnoye Solar-2 LLP (SPP Burnoye Solar-2)

• Vetro Invest LLP

• VISTA International LLP 

• EcoProTech-Astana LLP (SPP Zhylga)

• Baikonyr Solar LLP (Baikonyr Solar)

• Aksu-Energo LLP (SPP Akbai)

• Aksu-Energo LLP (SPP Ochistnoy)

• Aksu-Energo LLP (Akbai mini HPP)

• Salem Consulting LLP (Dostyk mini HPP)

• Zhambylskiye HPP LLP

• GidroEnergeticheskaya kompaniya LLP

• RemKommStroi LLP

• Isen-Su LLP

• KazEkoVatt LLP

• Company A & T-energo LLP

• KazGreenTekSolar LLP (SPP Zadariya)

• Ak-Su Kuat LLP (Kenes mini HPP)


• Baiken-U LLP

• Nomad Solar LLP (SPP Zhalagash)

The branch’s property includes: 220-1150 kV overhead transmission lines with total of 4230.156 km of lines (circuits); 220-500 kV substations with total installed capacity 3394.5 MVA (13Nos Substations). 

Manpower: 428 employees.


27, Momyshuly str., Shymkent, 160012

Tel: +7 (7252) 973-333 

Fax No: +7 (7252) 545-452