The “Zapadny Interregional Transmission Networks” Branch of KEGOC has been set up in July 1998.

Director - Tuleu Tuyakov.

The main objectives of the Branch are:

  • To transmit electric energy and capacity through electricity networks from substations and power plants busses in the volumes and conditions set by the NDC of the Kazakhstani SPG.

  • To form the most reliable and profitable pattern of electricity networks.

The property of the branch includes overhead transmission lines in overhead clearance 6 – 330 kV with total length 1681.5 km (circuits), and also 5 substations 220 kV, with total capacity of 950 MVA.  

The staff numbers 234 employees.


Contact phone: +7 (7122) 322-528, +7 (7122) 323-376, +7 (7122) 327-475;


110 A Makhambeta Str., 
Atyrau, 060002, Republic of Kazakhstan