Bakytkhan Zhazykbayev



Managing Director for Operations, KEGOC

Date of birth: 02 August 1968, citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan


• In 1994 graduated from the Kazakh State Academy of Management with a degree in Marketing and Commerce; 

• In 2005 graduated from Buketov Karaganda State University with a degree in Electrical Power Systems and Grids; 

• In 2017 graduated from Narxoz University as a Master of Business Administration. 

KEGOC shares ownership: none.

Functions in KEGOC: repair and maintenance of operating assets, reliable and uninterrupted transmission of electric energy through the National Electric Network, operation and modernization of relay protection and automation systems of substations, metrological support of production, relations with branches and subsidiaries.

Employment history:


2001 - 2007: head of audit division, head of audit department, deputy director for economics in Severnye MES Branch, head of Aktyubinskiye MES Branch.

2007 - 2012:  President of Taldykorgan Transport and Electric Network Company JSC.


2012 - 2015: First Deputy Chairman of Management Board;

2015 - 2017: Deputy Chairman of Management Board for Operations; 

2017 - 2018: Managing Director for Business Assets Management; 

Since April 2018: Managing Director for Operations.   

Awards and honours: 

• Certificate of Honour from KEGOC (2003);

• 10th Anniversary of Kazakhstan Constitution Decoration (2005);

• Honoured Power Engineer of Kazakhstan Award Pin (2008);

• Title of Honourable Power Engineer from Kazakhstan Electricity Association (2009);

• Title of Honourable Power Engineer of the CIS (2009); 

• Title of Honourable Citizen of Karatal region in Almaty oblast (2010);

• Kurmet decoration of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2010);

• 20th Anniversary of Kazakhstan Independence Medal (2011);

• KAZENERGY Medal (2015);

• Parasat Order of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2016);

• Certificate of Honour from CIS Electric Power Council (2016);

• Medal for contribution to electric power industry development (2017);

• Peacekeeping soldier, participant of military operations of USSR army in Afghanistan (1986-1989). 

• Awarded the Medal for Bravery.