Management Board


Composition of KEGOC Management Board:

Members of the Management Board:


Report on KEGOC's Management Board Activities in 2020

In 2020 KEGOC's Management Board held 26 meetings and reviewed 203 agenda items. 

The agenda items included:

- 42 agenda items for internal regulatory documents;

- 7 agenda items for Business Transformation Programme;

- 5 agenda items for non-arm’s length transactions;

- 8 agenda items for risk committee;

- 3 agenda items for HR policy;

- 149 other agenda items.

In addition to the issues related to the competence of KEGOC's Board of Directors and pre-reviewed by the Management Board, the Management Board made some key decisions to:

- approve 31 internal documents and amend 11 internal documents of the Company;

- approve of the Action Plan of the Risk Committee for 2021;


In order to preliminarily review, take collegial decisions and prepare recommendations on the supervised issues to KEGOC's Management Board, the Company established the following advisory bodies: 

Investment Committee,

Risk Committee,

Budget Committee,

Human Resources Development Committee, 

Debtors and Creditors Committee,

Inventory Committee.