Агенты влияния и лидеры молодежных групп филиалов «МЭС» встретились в Нур-Султане


On May 14, 2019, KEGOC held a meeting with agents of influence at the Executive administration office under the implementation of one of a transformation projects - “Development of corporate culture of KEGOC for 2018-2020”, - that deserves the most to be called the ‘people’s project’.

This is the first meeting of the pool of agents of influence, the most active and authoritative employees well regarded in of their teams. It is no coincidence that all of them are professionals, because their job will be to involve employees of MES branches in the development and improvement of corporate culture. 

Leaders of youth groups of MES branches and the representatives of KEGOC’s Youth Council were also invited to more effectively promote the ideas of culture development and commitment to corporate values among young employees. 

The meeting participants were presented with the goals and objectives of the project took part in the practical information session of the role and competencies of agents of influences and worked in groups where they gained effective communication skills and mastered change management tools. 

According to Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, the CEO of KEGOC and the project sponsor, the development of corporate culture is important, first, for achieving the strategic goals of the Company. “As a result of diagnostic conducted in 2017, we have specified a model of our corporate culture, which we defined as family-hierarchical and in many ways surpasses the culture of other large national companies. After analysing the results and comparing corporate culture with company’s strategy, we realized that it is necessary to reduce bureaucratic component and move towards the project-type culture. I am glad that the most active representatives of our team have responded and are ready to implement this initiative with such enthusiasm”.

The interaction of participants was easy and productive thanks to positive kickstart given by Zhanabai Beksary, the Chief of Staff, who suggested taking off ties at the very beginning of the event. For a short time, the participants jointly reviewed the homework questions that they received in advance and managed to form personnel tasks as well as plans to involve their colleagues in the implementation of ideas in order to encourage them to change and improve themselves.