Billing System is ready to be launched for productive operation


It is supported by the results of the pilot operation of the Billing System that was carried out from September to November 2018 in nine regional branches of KEGOC. 

The status meeting on the results of pilot operation was held as a video conference with the connection of MES branches and chaired by Mukhtar Bekenov, the Project Sponsor, Managing Director for System Services.

Within two months experts tested developments of the new information system. During this period, 1,295 applications were received, of which 1,277 were processed and closed, the rest are in the process of execution. 

Also, during the period of the project implementation, more than 18,000 records of regulatory reference information were made, 744 contracts and 2,275 applications were entered. 

BS is integrated with ERP, IT management, data storage systems, and with external electricity metering systems, such as SCADA, CMS and others.  

Thanks to eight modules and six auxiliary systems of BS, the data entry, data processing, energy balancing, financial documents, forecasts of amounts of services and analytical reports will be automated. In addition, a unified methodology for the formation of electricity consumption/generation balances will unify the approach to their calculations and structuring of repetitive algorithms, and will ensure the transparency of the calculation procedures. 

The Billing System will be introduced into productive operation from 3 January 2019. The implementation of the Billing System will reduce the courier expenses by 50%, the annual limit on communication services by 15%, as well as the risks due to human factors, the timing of balance formation and preparation of analytical reports. 

During 2019, it is planned to complete the integration of BS with the ITSM management system and the ECM components (data archiving and document circulation).

KEGOC's billing system can be considered as unique according to the scale of the implemented changes. Once the new system implemented, the existing manual data entry into the consumer settlement system will be automated, and the customers totalling to about 260 power market participants will have access through the User Account to entering data on consumption, current information on contracts, accruals and payments, information for the billing period, etc.