Business and transformation: unity of goals for the benefit of the company



Business and transformation: unity of goals for the benefit of the company

On 21 October 2015, pursuant to the initiative of the Business Transformation Centre, an introductory meeting was held in Akmolinskiye MES branch of KEGOC. Anar Mukhamedzhanova, Chief Human Resource Officer, and Bolatbek Omarov, Head of the Human Resource Department supported the initiative of such introductory visit.

The objective of this meeting was to  clarify the key local operating processes to the members of the transformation team. It also should not go unnoticed, that Mr Alshynbekov, the head of the MES branch, was well prepared for this meeting. Heads of the operating structural units had a clear and to the subject discussion and elaborated a transparent and meaningful management model for one of the major branches of the company. In total, seven areas of branch operations were reported: management of the Regional Dispatch Centre; business processes of operational and technical service, test and diagnostics service, metrology and measurement system service, relay protection and automation service, substation service, and the report of the Deputy Director for telecommunications in the Akmolinskiy branch of EnergoInform.

The participants were very active during discussions. The major part of the issues discussed related to training and retraining of personnel, and training of young specialists. As an alternative to training in neighbouring countries it was suggested to use the dismantled equipment of the company in the training laboratories of the Almaty University of Power Engineering and Telecommunications. Earlier the initiative on training and retraining of operational and engineering (line) personnel, relay protection and automation specialists, dispatchers of the regional dispatch centre and other employees, holding meetings, seminars, conferences in the Training Centre of EnergoInform have already been discussed in the company.

"Young people do not get the place in our company through the back door, they shall be keen to this work, or have a calling for this job. It must be said, that there are a lot of really talented and competent specialists among young people that could become deserved successors to resigning professionals", noticed Mr Lukashev, head of Test and Diagnostics Service. Furthermore, the discussions also covered the issues relating to technical risks, bureaucratic hurdles, duplicated execution and submission of documents, uncoordinated operations when cooperating with the structural units of Executive Administration.

The participants of the meeting gave high evaluation to the level of competence of the branch employees during the meeting. Chief Human Resource Officer, Anar Mukhamedzhanova, suggested supporting the effective and streamlined work and encouraged everyone to be a part of the programme, take part in the coming changes and support them at every level of management.

The key point of this meeting was the visit to the Regional Dispatch Centre of the branch. The participants of the meeting were told about the key functions of the Regional Dispatch Centre, which include continuous operational dispatch control of electricity generation, transmission and consumption falling under the operational responsibility of the branch.

Reference information: Akmolinskiye MES branch was established in September 1997. The property of the branch includes 220-1150 kV high-voltage transmission lines with the total length 4230.156 km (by circuits); the branch comprises ten 220-1150 kV substations with the total installed capacity 8136.6 MVA. Power sources: National power plants in Pavlodar oblast, regional power plants (Akmolinskaya CHPP-2, Petropavlovskaya CHPP-2) and local power plants (Akmolinskaya CHPP-1, CHPP of Akmola mining and chemical plant (Jet-7 LLP), Sergeyevskaya HPP). Manpower: 594 employees.