Change management: active phase of change implementation risk assessment


On 24-25 March 2016 the Change Management Office ran focus-groups together with consultants for the company's middle management. This work flowed originally from the change implementation risk assessment activities among the company's employees, which started upon the consultants' arrival. The change implementation risk diagnostics and most efficient communication channels will further prevent the growing discontent and resistance to the project, and ensure explicit awareness and involvement of the staff. 

As recommended by KPMG consultants team it is decided to divide the whole assessment process into three main phases according to classification of the Programme key concerned parties. Personal interviews were arranged to identify the risks at the top management level. The middle management was assessed through focus groups. The third group of concerned parties totalling to 690 employees will be assessed through electronic questionnaires sent out on 28 March to the corporate email. 

Focus groups proved to be a very efficient tool for identifying change implementation risks and critical issues to be immediately solved. Nearly 50 middle managers took part in the focus groups. The programme was meant for two hours and included theoretic material clarifying main change management goals and objectives, as well as practical part where every participant could provide feedback, questions and ideas. Prior to the practical part it was suggested that the colleagues should divide into groups according to the behavioural preferences matrix. The behavioural preferences make it possible to further differentiate the necessary communication channels and group the received data. According to KPMG Consultant George Kesselaar this method is most effective in terms of the set tasks as it promotes further work on change implementation based on psychological characteristics of certain people. 

The groups became a perfect platform for debate and constructive dialogue of the transformation team and business representatives. Programme Manager Yerbossyn Akhmetov joined the focus group giving brief answers to urgent issues and summarizing the current project status. The major feedback of middle managers can be summarized as follows: increase the flow of detailed information on project implementation by means of structured emails, brochures ad videos, extend team work in functional groups and hold presentations on achieved results. Yerbossyn Akhmetov noted that the fruitful three-side work of the team, the consultant and the business will start in April. 

A comprehensive changes implementation risk assessment report will complete the diagnostics and become a basis for detailed communications plan and training plan for the company staff under the Business Transformation Programme.