Cloud printing service, corporate cyber shield, high performance culture. New initiatives to improve performance were discussed at KEGOC


On 30 May at a special meeting of the KEGOC Modernization Council, an updated Portfolio of transformation and digitalization projects was presented including actions needed to implement the Samruk-Kazyna's initiatives, achieve the strategic goals of KEGOC and increase the level of efficiency of the company.

The event was held at a high level with the participation of Chairman of the Board of KEGOC, Mr. Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, and members of the Management Board of KEGOC, the sponsors of the transformation projects, Managing Director for digitalization and transformation of Samruk-Kazyna, Mr. Dauren Kereibayev, head of the Human Resources Management Department of Samruk-Kazyna, Ms Anar Mukhamedzhanova, representatives of the relevant directorate and the Central Transformation Team of Samruk-Kazyna.

The project portfolio was updated in accordance with the instructions of the Chairman of the Management Board of Samruk-Kazyna, Mr. Akhmetzhan Essimov (order No.20-r dated 5 February 2019). The update was urged by completion and commissioning of 4 out of 8 Transformation projects, and some additional initiatives designed to improve business efficiency and optimize production costs.

One of them is the new KEG09 cyber security project, which will be implemented as part of the broader initiative of Samruk-Kazyna to create cyber-defence for the entire group of companies. The aim of the project is to ensure the safety and protection of operational control systems. 

One of the ‘people’s’ projects of the new Portfolio was the so-called cloud printing service in the branches. The biggest advantage of this approach is the optimization of the service model and the operation cost by reducing the variety of equipment from different manufacturers. The experience of this technology in the central office of the company also shows that the cost of printing in the cloud is three times cheaper than printing on individual equipment. 

There is also a big advantage for the employees of the MES branches: the innovations in the branches will make colour printing available and easy to use for everyone. 

It is planned that the printing service maintenance will be delivered on competitive basis. In accordance with the Yellow Pages principles, in 2017, the company took some steps to exclude certain types of activities in EnergoInform. 10 out of 24 planned services and works are already partially or completely excluded. 

In addition, as part of an initiative to improve the efficiency of the IT function in the company, the approaches to the acquisition of IT services are changing. Purchasing or leasing of the assets will be decided on the basis of expediency, which will make IT infrastructure more flexible in management and reduce operational risks. 

As a part of the high productivity initiative, KEGOC plans to make changes in three areas. All of them are aimed at ensuring a high level of social stability, quality development of labour resources and, as a result, raising the company's brand as the best employer.

A leadership development programme for the management and administrative personnel shall enhance leadership competencies, including the flexibility of innovation and the desire for self-development. The company believes that continuous learning and the development of new skills will form the necessary pool of innovative leaders who will translate competencies and create an atmosphere of initiative and loyalty among administrative and operational personnel.

The second area is the development of the human resource management function and the optimization of HR processes. In a broader perspective this should shift the role of HR towards a strategic business partner, which in the future can be a full-fledged asset and increase the value of the company. 

The company pays special attention to the development of corporate culture. The diagnostics showed that the company has family-hierarchical type of culture. This area shall correct the type of culture through increasing the project type component and decreasing of the hierarchical component. Currently, the company implements the Roadmap for the development of corporate culture, which has defined the company’s values referenced to by words ‘ShYAQ’ and ‘LIGHT’.