Constructive outdoor work


On 27-28 June 2019 the Training Centre of EnergoInform held a workshop on 'Analysis and discussion of operation of the capacity market based on the results of H1 2019'.

By tradition, the System Services Department annually concentrates in one place various specialists working in the same area - the provision of system services. This is a kind of co-working, during which employees of KEGOC central office, branches and FSC RES gather once a year to work through operating issues and find the best ways to solve emerging problems.

This year, the main topic of the meeting of the employees engaged in the provision of system services was the changes made to the rules for operation of the capacity market that was launched at the beginning of 2019, and a number of topical issues of interaction between the MES branches, NDC SO and FSC RES during their operation on the capacity market. 

Two days spent outside were productive: the participants made rational proposals for making changes to the regulations for interaction on the capacity market, the procedure for generating and consolidating forecast applications by regions, as well as testing power plants and certifying the capacity of generating plants. 

According to Zhanibek Kuanyshbayev, Head of the System Services Department, such meetings are very useful and promote constructive collaboration between the units. Our task is to gather people so that they could meet in person and together solve all their issues and exchange opinions. A relaxed atmosphere brings everyone together into a coherent team, which is efficient, - he noted.

It is noteworthy that the workshop participants are users of the Billing System. In this connection, Kuralai Aitzhanova, project manager for system services improvement, presented to her colleagues the results of the Billing Information System for the period of H1 2019. The participants discussed the use of user cabinets in the system by consumers of services and outlined a plan to engage the capacity market participants in using the cabinets of the Billing System. In addition, representatives of FSC RES became interested in the capabilities and friendly operation of the Billing System and plan to transfer some operations carried out on the capacity market to the Billing System. According to experts, such integration will promote production efficiency and quality of services in the market. 


From 1 January 2019, the capacity market was launched in the Republic of Kazakhstan, where KEGOC, as the System Operator, provides technical management including certification of power plants, constant testing of their readiness to bear the load, determination of actual power values of consumers, etc. At the same time, FSC RES is the Single Purchaser on the capacity market, performing centralized purchase of services for maintaining the readiness of capacity and selling services for ensuring the capacity readiness.