The first stage of the Target IT Management Model project is completed


The Management Committee discussed implementation of the stages under the project KEG03 'Introduction of target IT management model'. 

The report on implementation of the last phase under Stage I of the 'Monitoring and Support' project was approved. Since ITSM has been put in a productive operation in November 2018 till February 2019, the system operation underwent analysis. Monitoring of the system application, and assessment of the maintenance quality and ITSM functionality were performed. Based on the obtained data, the report on the achieved physical results and the project KPI was prepared. 

Thus, the time spent on resolving appeals from users has been significantly reduced. 50% of all ITC services are provided through the self-service web portal. ITSM introduced about 20% of the Company's ITC assets and added their description. In addition, reports on the SLA monitoring and control under ITC services provided by EnergoInform in accordance with the long-term contract can be unloaded from ITSM. 

According to the report on the statistics of the system use for three months, specialists have processed 11,639 one-stage and 1,071 multi-stage appeals. Users applied for technical support in three ways: through the self-service web portal, phone calls and e-mail. The main topics of appeals are problems with the ERP operation, personal computers, workflow systems, unlocking of accounts and others.  

There are leaders in terms of the number of processed appeals. The top five included specialists from the head office: Aleksandr Kvassov, Nartai Simagambetov, Aslan Prmagambet and the technical support groups of Yuzhnye MES and Aktyubinskiye MES branches.

Under the second stage of the project a report on the completion of the 'Implementation' phase was reviewed. In accordance with the planned volume of the phase, work was carried out to eliminate discrepancies in three automated and six non-automated IT processes, to deploy the functionality to the automated processes and integrate with key systems. Also, testing of settings, training of key users of the system and preparation for launch into trial operation were performed. Some of the comments identified by the test results were corrected, the rest will be eliminated before the system is put into trial operation.

In total, the project will introduce 10 automated and 6 non-automated IT processes. KZT 301 million was allocated for the project implementation. Project implementation period - 3Q 2019.