KEGOC Hosted a Roadmap Session


15 February 2016                                                                           Astana


On 15 February 2015 KEGOC hosted in its headquartersa session to discuss the Transformation Roadmap for 2016. The session wasattended by Umirzak Shukeyev, Samruk-Kazyna’s Chairman of the Management Board, Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, KEGOC’s Chairman of the Management Board and the company employees.

Umirzak Shukeyev in his report highlighted the Transformation Programme’s three main components: people, processes and technologies. Special attention was drawn to the first component, as it is a driver of the whole transformation process. ‘The competition for all portfolio companies has been intensifying, so they must concentrate on achieving global transformation goals. This is possible if only each and every employee accepts and realizes the changes,’ stated Mr Shukeyev. He handed to MrKazhiyev9approved reference models for main company processes.

KEGOC’s Chairman of the Management Board in his turn noted, “The company has sufficient experience in improving its business. Therefore the company consideredthe Samruk-Kazyna’s initiative on implementation of the Business Transformation Programme as a logical follow-up of our efforts in this direction”. According to Mr Kazhiyev, the transformation will requireupdateofKEGOC development strategy to bring it to compliance with transformation goals and tasks, development of KPI (Key Performance Indicators) tree, reengineering of business processes and preparation of the new organizational corporate structure.

Based on the transformation programme results the Company expects that the business performancewill improve thanks to the optimized business processes and organizational structure aligned with the best international practices, the established integrated management system and constant improvement of corporate culture.


At the meeting, Mr Shukeyev and Mr Kazhiyev have signed the Personal Engagement Plan of the KEGOC Chairman of the Management Board for business transformation in2016,which included key results of the Business Transformation Programme Roadmap and its implementationdeadlines.