On 29 July 2016 a regular All Hands Meeting (АНМ) was held, which became a tradition. This time the meeting took place at KEGOC. The meeting gathers all representatives of portfolio companies of the Fund to discuss the current issues on change management.

The key topic of the meeting was to discuss the work structure of the draft template adaptation. Yuriy Proskurnya, Head of CTT Change Management, in collaboration with Pavel Kolesnik, new supervisor for changes, CTT, have drawn up the document. Using the process automation project as an example, the colleagues from the Fund explained a work package under the project and distributed roles within a team. In the authors' opinion, the adaptation of corporate template shall include five main stages, which in turn shall be decomposed into subtasks and roles in the project team. Each new project will be a mini transformation project with all standard project stages. The role of the CMG is still to ensure the use of project solutions. Yuriy Proskurnya emphasised one more time: “It is important not only to put into practice the project solutions, but also to ensure their implementation, which will result in benefits from projects. And the role of the change management in this regard has been increasing”. A final template will be approved after the document has been discussed at all levels of the Programme Management of the Fund considering comments and proposals of all concerned parties.

The meeting was fruitful, the colleagues from portfolio companies discussed critical issues on the agenda of the companies. Elaboration of the universal methodology for the project concerned parties management, including assessment templates, personal engagement plans as a tool to involve key concerned parties, as well as organisational issues were brought up for discussion at a higher level.