KEGOC launched the second phase of KEG01 project began to implement the advanced enterprise processes


The kick-off meeting for the second phase of KEG01 project “Implementing ERP Processes” presented BI-Consulting team consultants, and outlined the tasks and scope of future work. 

The meeting was attended by Aibek Botabekov, the Managing Director for Finance and Accounting and the Project Sponsor, members of the Project Management Committee, management team of the business transformation centre, as well as members of the project team and other interested parties. 

The preparatory work under the “Mobilization” phase began from the moment of signing the contract and have been continued to the present, with the process of mobilization of the project team is being completed by the contractor. 

On February 4, the project team will begin the Conceptual Design phase, which will last until June 30, 2019.  Within this phase, a whole range of methodological documents, design solutions and conceptual projects on advanced business processes, such as operational safety management, risk management and performance management, will be developed and agreed upon. Also, the functionality will be expanded for some previously implemented business processes.   

From the organization perspective the second phase of the project will engage all the structural units of the Company, including 10 branches and two subsidiaries, - same as they already have been during the implementation of basic processes.  Number of the engaged employees of the company will be somewhat smaller than before, but still significant. 

The implementation of the advanced processes will be a natural development of the implementation of basic processes and will allow to link all key business processes of the company into a single consistent mechanism, which, in turn, will further increase the efficiency of the company as a whole.