KEGOC officially closed Phase 2 of the Business Transformation Programme


Regular Modernization Council meeting was held on 18 May 2017, Thursday, where the decision on closing Phase 2 (Planning) of the Business Transformation Programme was made. Adamas Ilkyavichus, Managing Director for Transformation and Special Projects, Samruk-Kazyna, noted good results of the closing - 99%.

Under Phase 2, the Company successfully completed 22 out of 26 targets based on the Quality Control Matrix.

The following key results were developed within Phase 2:

· Long and short project lists were developed;

· Project Portfolio was approved;

· IT Development Programme was approved;

· IT Transit Architecture;

· IT Target Architecture;

· Data Management Programme was approved;

· Business Cases, Budget Implementation Report under Phase 2, Budget for Phase 3, Report on the Lessons Learned, Phase 2 Status Report, etc.

Members of the Modernization Council and the invited executives of KEGOC Business Transformation Centre participated in the meeting. Besides the phase closing issue, agenda of the meeting included issues on amending 2017 Road Map and on its checkpoints implementation status. Yerbossyn Akhmetov, Manager of the Business Transformation Programme, presented the report on the agenda issues. All main checkpoints of the Road Map have been implemented in Q1 this year. Meanwhile during the meeting, decisions designed to mitigate the risks of breaking deadlines on some events in the Road Map were made. Based on the discussion results all the proposed amendments were accepted by the Council members.

It was also noted that in addition to the results above, works on the portfolio projects are in progress. As of today the kick-off meetings on all projects were held, resource and baseline project plans were approved. Consultancy services procurement procedures within the portfolio projects commenced. 

Sponsors are demonstrating a high level of engagement.