KEGOC Viability Survey Was Launched


On 09 February, Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, the Chairman of the Management Board, Sponsor of the Transformation Programme, met with participants of the survey that shall enhance the Company's viability. The main results and the planned scope of work were presented at the meeting.

The meeting was held to mark the launch of KEGOC viability survey. The meeting was attended by the Chairman of the Management Board, members of the Management Board and Chief Officers of the Company.  The responsibility for the survey results was imposed on Sergey Katyshev, Chief Business Transformation Officer.  The Change Management Office will deliver the major part of the survey work.

Tatyana Mikova, Lead Change Manager - CTT, told about key objectives and work plan for the entire period.  ‘Introduction and operation of the new operating model will depend on how careful we select of the top-priority management practices’, Tatyana Mikova said at the meeting. ‘We must clearly understand that today we are building the future model of governance.   Which is why today we pay such close attention to the Company's viability.  And which is why we included the key results of the viability survey in the Road map of the Transformation Programme.’

The survey aims at assessing the existing HR management practices (methods) and identifying those of them that should stay in the focus of the new operating model of the Company.  The survey includes enquiries and personal interviews that will guarantee anonymity by presenting the results exclusively for the groups of participants:  top-management, middle management and other employees.  About 10 % of total employees will participate in enquiries on the Company’s viability.

This methodology was developed by MCKinsey&Company experts.  In their opinion, the viability shall be assessed based on 37 practices grouped in 9 viability components: management, areas of development, responsibility for result, development of potential, innovations and mastering of the new, job climate and corporate values, motivation and interaction with external environment. 

During the meeting all the participants completed the questionnaires.  Personal interviews will be conducted at the end of February beginning of March.  At the nearest future, similar meetings will be held with the heads of the Company's departments and branches.

Essential to the success of most companies is collaboration of the competent and forward-looking leaders and the qualified specialists in favour of and in accordance with strategic goals of the Company.   


At the end of the meeting, the Chairman of the Management Board again emphasised the importance and significance of the survey results that shall enhance the Company's viability to support the new operating model and encouraged the participants of the meeting to actively support the survey.