KEGOC's top managers presented to employees from the regional branches the new projects of the Business Transformation Programme


Stakeholders in MES branches reviewed the updated project portfolio and Business Transformation Programme Roadmap. 

A regular information session was held online via video-conference with the connection of branches. Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, the Chairman of the Management Board told the participants about the measures taken to improve the efficiency of the Company and the changes conducted in connection with this. 

The Company continues successful implementation of the Business Transformation Programme, and there are already first results: three projects of the Programme have been successfully completed. The completed projects have achieved the planned goals. On time and within the allocated budget, it was possible to fully automate the system service delivery process, introduce category procurement management, as well as targeted information security processes, within the framework of which the Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) was introduced and operates efficiently.

“We do not limit ourself with achieved results. Currently, the Company has updated the project portfolio of the Business Transformation Programme, which includes projects to implement the Fund's new digitalization initiatives. KEGOC still pays special attention to the feasibility and relevance of introducing new initiatives in terms of their impact on the business and sustainable development of the Company,” - said Bakytzhan Kazhiyev.

The new portfolio includes six projects and the same number of events. The Managing Directors, the sponsors, presented the progress of their implementation. 

One of the important areas of the Transformation ‘Technological development and digitalization of business’ include a complex project consisting of three components to automate grid state management of the Unified Electric Power System of the country. 

Currently, a synchrophasor-based monitoring system (Wide Area Measurement System has been introduced. The equipment was installed at the substations and dispatch centres of the Company in the cities of Nur-Sultan and Almaty. The WAMS architecture covers 14 substations of North-South Kazakhstan electricity transmission line, including 500 kV Shymkent and Zhambyl substations. Measurement data are monitored using Phasor Analytics and Phasor Point software and based on their analysis, and it is planned to introduce WACS (Wide Area Control System) in the future. Development of design and estimate documentation contract for WACS has been already concluded. These digital technologies shall enable the Company to effectively use the capacities of the power grid by assessing the stability margin of the network state in real time.  The project is planned to be completed before the end of 2020.

Development of design and estimates documentation for other two components:  'Introduction of the centralized emergency automation system' and 'Introduction of automatic frequency and power control system' is being completed. Further, it is planned to purchase equipment and construction works. The automatic frequency and power control system will increase the level of operational dispatch management, and the centralized emergency automation system will ensure the reliability of Kazakhstan UPS regardless of the current network configuration and the operating mode of the power grid. They will also minimize the impact of emergency control system on consumer and generation outage.

The portfolio includes a new ‘Cyber security’ project, which is a continuation of the implementation of KEGOC's Information Security Development Programme for 2022, and is mainly designed to create the so-called cyber-shield for Samruk-Kazyna group of companies. Under the project, KEGOC plans to build up the information protection of the technological system. The perimeter of the project includes the Head office, the NDC SO branch, nine regional branches of the Company and Energoinform JSC, the subsidiary of the Company. The project shall be completed by the end of 2021.

Also, the Company is currently implementing the business diversification project of 'Development of fiber-optic communication lines for data transmission’. About 5,000 km have been built including the East electricity transmission project. The network will be developed along with projects for NPG Rehabilitation and the enhancement of Western power region. The project is expected to bring additional revenues for the Company from data transmission through high-speed networks (IP, VPN) with wide bandwidth up to 100 Gbps. In addition, the development of FOCL will provide the Company with a full range of telecommunication services for its own needs. The transmission capacity of this project includes Russia, China and countries in Central Asia. 

As a part of the high productivity initiative, KEGOC plans to make changes in three areas: leadership development, corporate culture and HR-competencies. All of them are aimed at ensuring a high level of social stability, quality development of labour resources and, as a result, promoting the Company's brand as the best employer.

During the information session the directors of the branches asked the speakers questions. They were interested in the aspects of the impact of changes on the business and operating activities of branches. They also thanked the speakers for the comprehensive presentation of the Transformation projects and expressed their readiness to the universal promote.