Meeting of Expert club: Transformation of Samruk-Kazyna: issues and ways of implementation



Meeting of Expert club: Transformation of Samruk-Kazyna: issues and ways of implementation

On 8 October 2015 at 11:00 AM, a regular meeting of Expert club on Transformation of Samruk-Kazyna: issues and ways of implementation was held in Astana in Diplomat Hotel on 2nd floor, in Baiterek hall (29/1 Kunayev str).

The meeting of the Expert club was attended by:

KazMunayGas: Gleb Luxembourg - Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for prospective production development of KazMunayGas, Daniyar Berlibayev - Deputy Chairman of the Management Board for corporate development of KazMunayGas, Ernst Krenkel - Director General of KazMunayGas Global Solutions branch of KazMunayGas;

Kazatomprom: Miras Kassymov - Head of Business Transformation of Kazatomprom, Talgat Ismagambetov - Managing Director for Information Technologies of Kazatomprom, Sergey Poltoratsky - Managing Director for nuclear fuel cycle of Kazatomprom;

KEGOC:  Sergey Katyshev - Chief Business Transformation Officer - Advisor to Chairman of Management of KEGOC, as well as representatives of NGOs and the media.

The President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in his address Kazakhstan 2050 Strategy: new political course of the matured nation set the national goal to join the top thirty most competitive countries in the world by 2050. A high-priority objective in achieving this goal requires higher level of investment in the national economy and labour productivity.

To this end Samruk-Kazyna (hereinafter - the Fund) developed a programme of large-scale transformation of its activities and the activities of portfolio companies (Transformation programme for Sovereign Wealth Fund Samruk-Kazyna, hereinafter - the Programme).

On 6 October 2014 the President of Kazakhstan officially launched the Transformation in the Fund’s group of companies.

Currently, the Programme is being implemented under the umbrella of the Fund in all its subsidiaries. In particular, the Fund plans to change its approach to investment, and optimize business processes and structure of the group companies of the Fund. Achievement of these goals will not only require the implementation of a number of specific initiatives, but also the change of the way of thinking and behaviour for all stakeholders involved in the work of the Fund and its portfolio companies.

What is the business transformation? What are the reasons for the Programme? What were the preconditions for the implementation of the Programme in the subsidiaries of the Fund? How the Programme will be implemented in the subsidiaries of the Fund? How it will affect the company's employees? What is the difference of the current activity of the companies from that proposed by Transformation? What results will we get from the Programme? These and other questions were offered to the experts participating the club meeting by Nurlan Yerimbetov, the moderator.

All these emerging issues require detailed explanations and extensive discussion involving representatives of state bodies, national companies, public organizations, entrepreneurs and experts.


The Expert club was created in 2011. It is an informational and analytical platform of Samruk-Kazyna to discuss the most important issues and social and economic processes in the country. The general principles of the club are: openness, competence, impartiality, the search for truth, convergence and compromise.