Project objectives for the implementation of advanced business processes were presented to the management and employees of MES branches


The management of the automation project of basic business processes at the information session discussed the stages and key milestones via video-conference with the regional branches of KEGOC.  

Thanks to the online event, the branch employees received the information on the progress of the Transformation Programme, and, in particular, on the largest project: “Enterprise process implementation”. 

In February, 2019, KEGOC started to automate basic business processes. Reengineering addresses the main and auxiliary business processes at all levels of management with all structural units of the Company. 

The project scope includes both new functional directions such as:  

- Risk management

- Strategic planning and efficiency management

- Operational safety management

- Process management system

- Audit management

 And the development of basic processes, such as: 

- Management accounting

- Treasury and corporate finance management

- Human resources management

- Data management

- Management of a portfolio of business initiatives and projects

- Asset management 

- Accounting

Among the key users identified by a separate order are the specialists from MES branches. They will be directly involved in the implementation of project solutions and then in testing the functionality of the system and training, and end users support.

The project is currently at the conceptual design stage. Within this stage it is planned to develop design solutions, change plan, necessary methodologies, as well as the training of key system users.

At the end of the meeting, the head of branches expressed their readiness to fulfil the defined tasks and assist in the implementation of all initiatives under the Business Transformation Programme.