Regular Meeting of Modernization Council of KEGOC


Last Thursday KEGOC held a regular meeting of Modernization Council. The event was attended by Adamas Ilkyavichus, the Managing Director for Transformation and Special Projects of Samruk-Kazyna, by the Chairman and members of the Management Board of the company, by the representatives of the Central Team of the Fund, by the representatives of the consultant from KPMG Tax and Advisory LLP and the members of the Business Transformation Centre team. The Modernization Council is a collegial body under the Management Board of the company and its decisions are binding on the responsible structural units and employees of the company. The Council considered ten issues including four issues related to the provision of information and two, to the organizational structure.

The main issues from the Integrator Unit were as follows: The first and second level process chart, principles of organizational structure, the role of the corporate centre, operational model and the KPI tree. Issues of information provision included the description of the business principles, report on concerned parties evaluation, communications plan  (results of CMG Unit), and a major result of IT Unit - IT diagnostics report, information security, data management, including KPMG Tax and Advisory recommendations. 

The meeting was held in a working and fruitful manner.   All participants were satisfied with the result of the long-time effort completed by the transformation team in cooperation with the company staff and KPMG consultants. Some issues related to the organizational structure, namely, the company KPI and allocation of resources, raised questions of the participants from the Fund. Yet the team approach to problem solving and readiness of all participants of the meeting from the company to achieve the most favourable outcome enabled the consensus.

At the conclusion of the meeting the Chairman of the Management Board thanked all participants of the Council for their work and expressed confidence that next meetings of the Modernization Council will be just as fruitful. 

Note: According to the work plan of the advisory body approved in the course of the Modernization Council meeting the next Modernization Council meeting will be held in July 2016.