Results Exchange Increases the Awareness Level within the Company


The Company has been for long and intensely discussing the establishment of internal communications. There are those who support it insisting that they need communications and those who argue against considering the communications as a distracting and useless process. Thus, the data of survey among employees of the British companies have showed that 60% of employees who consider the communications ineffective at their organisations, are going to change their jobs in the nearest future.  The situation is ordinary when the employees of the company have an intangible idea regarding the specifics of certain projects. That is why the smooth processes of internal communications promote the efficiency of the enterprise as a whole.

Yerbossyn Akhmetov, Manager of Business Transformation Programme, is concerned about establishment of ‘dialogue’ and communications within the Company. Mr Akhmetov noted ‘It is crucial for us to take care of the issue regarding the information exchange within the Company at the current stage of the project implementation’. Within the new Communications Plan presented to the team on 18 April, the information exchange will stop being chaotic. Structured and coherent approach given in the Plan will minimise the time for employees to interact with communicator based on a clear schedule of meetings on obtained results to one time per month. The same approach will apply to interaction with branches.  

Within the new initiative on the obtained results exchange, on Tuesday, 26 April, the team was presented a KPI Tree designed in assistance of KPMG’s consultant. The main structure of the KPI Tree with top level KPI of the enterprise has been developed; now each stream will work through KPI at its level. This result was presented at the primary hearing of the Company’s Management Board. It is natural that the KPI approach prompted a lot of questions which turned out to be reasonable, but certain items required further development. Generally, it should be noted that the creation of KPI Tree of such a large company is a rather challenging and complicated process requiring in-depth analysis and discussion at all levels.