СHANGE MANAGEMENT in action! Change agents are our avant-garde


Implementation of the Business Transformation Programme projects is gaining momentum, their coverage is becoming wider. And it’s only natural that the role of change agents is becoming ever more important. It is not always easy to reach the local personnel and they not always welcome the transformation team, and here is where the change agents come in handy. The have become the local transformation messengers.

They are 'the champions' of changes in the system. The standard practice of the agents is to communicate the main strategic goals and values of the company, inform the staff of ongoing changes, explain the reasons behind them and their features, engage the staff in the process of changes and hitting the targets, transfer knowledge and deliver relevant training.

On 12 July the Change Management Unit organized a one-day practical workshop of the basic change management course. Our colleagues from the 9 MES branches (Intersystem Electric Networks) studied the best practices of change management, and, together with their colleagues from the Head office and the NDC SO branch, the forms of project status assessment. A great motivation for the seminar participants was a meeting with Yury Proskurnya, an expert on change management invited from Moscow, and parallel work in teams with practical skills on real transformation programme projects. Our colleagues learned how to evaluate the “health” of change projects and plan measures to improve the effectiveness of changes; drafted change management plans of working with top and middle management, various communication tools, training events, and actions to minimize resistance. Working in teams taught the workshop participants to develop numerical change management KPIs and laid the foundation for adopting a culture of change.

Q&A sessions were held, including about the workshop expectations, and each participant had an opportunity to try himself as speakers from the teams and answer non-standard and sometimes even tricky questions from their colleagues. 

But, most importantly, all students once again made sure that, in accordance with the ADKAR Prosci change management model, in order to successfully transform and implement changes, the stakeholders must go through all five elements of the model, namely Awareness (Awareness of the need for change) ), Knowledge (Knowledge of how to act in a new way), Ability (Ability to act in a new way), Reinforcement (Consolidation of a new behaviour patterns). 

According to Anna Abramova, director of the Data Management Department, the seminar systematized the previously acquired knowledge in various areas, including change management, management and project management, and most importantly showed them in practice on real projects that are being implemented in the company at present time.

The workshop gave all participants with all the necessary arsenal of materials and information and it remains only to wish a fruitful work to all KEGOC change agents!