The Sponsor of KEGOC Transformation Programme was presented the service factories initiative



The Sponsor of KEGOC Transformation Programme was presented the service factories initiative

On 14 October 2015 the awareness session for the Chairman and members of the Management Board was held as a part of Samruk-Kazyna's initiative to establish unified service centres.

The Meeting of the Chairman of the Management Board - the Sponsor of the Business Transformation Programme, members of the Management Board, СВТО and CIO with the heads of IT sector of the company was hold to inform of and, in fact, to outline the main aspects of  preparation for IT services outsourcing, and make a point of all possible advantages and risks associated with upcoming innovations.

The establishment of the unified service centres, or so-called "service factories" was first discussed at the regular functional IT committee held on 6 October 2015.  David Tuganov, Head of IT Office Unit of the Core Business Transformation Team introduced a new transformation programme initiative - the service factories. The main idea of establishing the service factories is to outsource the majority (up to 70%) of internal IT services of the leading national companies to the unified service centre (USC). As conceived by the initiators, the USC, in addition to the customary maintenance services, shall unite SAP, Oracle, MS, 1C and SAG competences. A large-scale approach of engaging the major IT companies will provide a number of benefits, such as preferential terms for the acquisition of software products and the potential for local representative offices to be established by the largest manufacturers. The authors of the initiative expect decrease in the companies' capital expenditures by an average of 30%, and speeding up of business applications implementation by 1.5 times. 

In their presentation, CIO, together with the IT Office specialists of the Business Transformation Centre, Telecommunications and Information Technology Management Office and Energoinform told about the upcoming changes and operations carried out under the preparation for service factories. According to the participants, the initiative will open up new opportunities for national companies. However, there are risks of quality deterioration, loss of key personnel and dismissals. In addition, a preliminary report was submitted, which assessed the scope of IT services, rendered by the branch organization Energoinform, that can be potentially outsourced. In this regard, the Chairman of the Management Board gave instructions to continue the technical evaluation of preparation for IT services outsourcing and to assess its feasibility.