Transformation Day in KEGOC


On 17 June 2016, transformation team held its first Info Day this year. In the Communication Plan, recently approved by Chairman of Management Board of the Company, this event is an essential and mandatory item that shall close a series of monthly information events. The preceding items: Business Transformation Centre's information posters and electronic newspaper, are also released on a monthly basis. 

The main idea of the event is to deliver the information on the current progress of the Programme to every employee of the Company. The speakers presented their achievements and spoke about what remains to be done. The Programme Manager presented the key milestones of Programme's Road Map. Mr Khabibulla Kaziyev, Head of Integration Office, told about the described processes and the KPI tree. According to Mr Kaziyev, the re-described processes would optimise many tasks and bring the maximum success in the future. In addition to the Integration Office, Mr Stanislav Shabanov, Head of IT Office, presented the progress in diagnostics of IT and information security, and Ms Anar Mukhamedzhanova, Chief Human Resource Officer, told about the grading system and meritocracy principle. The consultant team also attended the Transformation Day, in particular, Mr Alexey Alexeev, the Project Manager from KPMG LLP. He presented the new developments concerning the long-term strategy of the Company. The Change Management Unit was a moderator of the event. 

Organizers plan that Transformation Day should become an interactive platform for discussion of current issues in an informal setting. It is expected that such Info Days in the Company will become a regular initiative of the Business Transformation Centre.