Transformation Programme Roadmap updated at KEGOC


25 January 2019 the board of directors of KEGOC approved 2019-2022 Road Map for KEGOC's Business Transformation Programme. This document is a tool for monitoring and controlling of the Business Transformation Programme progress. It reflects the main works and activities for all 8 projects of the Transformation Project Portfolio. 

All 32 control points of the Roadmap planned for 2018 were achieved. The first stages of  the Basic ERP and Target IT Management Model transformation projects were completed, and Improvement of System Services transformation project was completed in its entirety. Target Information Security Model project has been almost completed. The goal of the project is to expand the coverage of the existing Information Security Management System (ISMS) to all information systems of the company. 

The KEGOC's business transformation programme has three areas of development: PEOPLE, PROCESSES, TECHNOLOGIES. The combination of the three areas is the cornerstone and the basis for improving the efficiency of operations and ensuring the financial stability of the Company.