Transformation Team Welcomes the Consultants


On Monday, 14 March 2016, the Business Transformation Centre held a kick-off meeting with KPMG team of consultants. The purpose of the meeting was to introduce to each other the two teams, who in the near future will implement the strategic objectives of the transformation team and the company. In total the project will engage 33 consultants in 25 workstreams.The meeting was attended by Sergei Katyshev, the Chief Business Transformation Officer, the transformation team members, the mobilized consultants, and Bekzat Matayev, a representative of the Central Transformation Team of Samruk Kazyna.

Mr Katyshev opened the meeting and briefly presented the main areas of operation of the company, its history and strategic projects implemented during the period of existence of the company. Mr Yerbossyn Akhmetov, the Programme Manager, reported on the status of the transformation programme and its main objectives. Mr Alexey Alekseyev, the Manager of KPMG consultants team, introduced his colleagues and gave the floor to some of them. It is worth noting that KPMG will deliver the services in consortium with ENZEN, the consultancy firm with many years of experience in power sector. 

The company has been stressing the importance of the consultants’ input for a reason. KPMG team will have to deal with very important tasks. In February, KEGOC received 9 reference models. In collaboration with the consultants, the company will analyze these models and explore the world’s best industry practices. Very soon the team will intensify the discussions with the business units. Here the functional groups established in the company last year will come very handy for our colleagues. The company will continue to work in parallel in ‘People’ and ‘Process’ areas, but now in collaboration with the consultants from CMG unit. As for the ‘Technology’ area, the consultants will engage on it later, after some specific tasks of the integration unit have been completed.