About 280 energy market participants become the users of the Billing System of KEGOC


KEGOC meeting of the Managing Committee on the 'Improvement of system services delivery process' project approved the Billing system performance monitoring report. From this moment the project shall be considered completed. 

KEGOC's billing system can be considered as unique according to the scale of the implemented changes. We expect the efficiency of the Company's operations to enhance due to the quality consumers service, as well as prompt and transparent settlement procedures that was made possible from the commissioning of the Billing system, - noted the Project sponsor, Mukhtar Bekenov, Managing Director for System Services .

New billing system was developed to improve the settlement procedures with consumers. Under the project the data entry into the consumer settlement system has been automated. In addition, the accounting documents are formed on the basis of the data, received directly from external electricity metering systems. 

The system was launched 1 January 2019, over the past six months the performance of three subsystems was analysed: contract management, calculations and finance. Card-index was created in the new system, which includes about 6 thousand contracts, and on the basis of these calculations and balance sheets, more 4.6 thousand electronic documents for payment were issued to consumers. The main benefits of the new system are the high collection of payments for system services rendered (KPI 102.78%) and the growth of the Company’s customer satisfaction (4,66 points).  

KEGOC consumers note positive changes, in particular, the reduction of time for data processing, the centralized access to all necessary information including documents for payments. In addition, through the user account of the Billing system, consumers, and these are about 280 energy market participants, received access to a single database of contracts, financial documents, as well as the ability to monitor the status of calculations, and consequently to interact with KEGOC.