About outcomes of KEGOC activities in 2011


Key indicators of Kazakhstan power sector 

Based on the data of the National Dispatch Centre of the System Operator (SO NDC), electricity consumption in the Kazakhstan Unified Power System (UPS) in 2011 was 88.11 billion kWh and production was 86.20 billion kWh. Electricity consumption was 5.2 % and production was 4.7 % higher than in 2010. The amount of electricity exported was 1.8 billion kWh (an increase of 0.8 billion kWh or 84 %) and the amount imported was 3.7 billion kWh (plus 1.3 billion kWh or 52 %).

Operational indicators 
In 2011, the scope of electricity transmission services delivered by KEGOC increased by 18.3 % to 41.04 billion kWh (the actual volume in 2010 was 34.697 billion kWh). 
The scope of technical dispatching services increased by 6.4 % to 80.81 billion kWh and electricity production-consumption balancing services by 5.4 % to 145.9 billion kWh (from 138.3 billion kWh in 2010). The increase in these indicators is due to the increase in electricity consumption on the wholesale market of the Republic of Kazakhstan and in electricity transit from the Russian Federation.

Financial indicators   
The company’s income for 2011was KZT 64.8 billion, which was 29 % or KZT 14.6 billion higher than in 2010. The company’s financial outcomes benefited from the general tendency of an increase in electricity production and consumption in Kazakhstan UPS.

Kazakhstani procurement content 
The company continued the system work to increase the Kazakhstani content in works, goods and services. With the total procurement scope amounting to KZT 33 billion, the Kazakhstani content was KZT 19 billion or 60 %. 
Implementation of Kazakhstan SPG development projects 
Development expenses (investments) in 2011 reached KZT 18 billion. Contracts for rehabilitation of 55 substations were concluded under the Kazakhstan Electricity Transmission Rehabilitation Project, Phase II. An inspection was completed and survey works on all facilities were carried out in full. 
The main scope of works has been executed under the Moinak Electricity Transmission Project. At present construction and erection works are under completion on the section of the 220 kV overhead transmission line from the outdoor switchyard at Moinak hydropower plant to the 220 kV Robot substation. 
The works for the Alma Electricity Transmission Project are being carried out as scheduled. 
The autotransformer AT-125 was replaced by a new 250 MVA autotransformer under the rehabilitation of the 500/220/110/10 kV TsGPP SS.

Strategic development 
In 2011, the company’s specialists actively participated in the development and submission of principal provisions of the draft law: ‘On amendments and supplements to some legislative acts relating to power sector, investment activity of natural monopolists and participants of regulated market’. The amendments regulate the establishment of the capacity market in Kazakhstan. 
In 2011, the ‘2030 Master Plan of Kazakhstan Power Sector Development’ was drawn up. The main aim of the Master Plan is to guide innovation in the power industry so that Kazakhstan becomes an environmentally friendly power economy. Priority is given to the introduction of innovative technologies, which will enhance the quality and reliability of the power supply, improve the environment and increase competitive advantage. The Master Plan conceptually reflects the main aspects of the power industry and can be used as a basis for the 2030 Programme for Power Sector Development.