According to the situation of the energy supply of Southern region


During current autumn and winter period 2010-2011 (AWP) the electricity is supplied to consumers of Kazakhstan in full and without restrictions. Stabilization of operation mode is reported in the Eastern region as distinct from the previous years.

In comparison with the past AWP the maximum load increased by 318 MW or 3.8 % in the northern zone, fell by 64 MW or 5 % in the western zone, and raised by 138 MW or 4.9 % in the southern zone of Kazakhstan.

Shortage in the southern region which is 50% of consumption is covered by flows from the Northern zone (at the level of 1300 MW) and supplies from the IPS of Central Asia (UPS of Kyrgyzstan).

It should be mentioned that electricity in the southern region of Kazakhstan is supplied in North – South Transit peak load mode, this is owing to low level of generation by Baturov Zhambyl HPP. According to the National Dispatch Center of the System Operator (NDC SO), currently the plant operates in single-unit mode and bears load of 90 MW (available capacity of the plant is 1070 MW).

Due to lack of necessary fuel reserves, the plant does not accept applications of consumers for electricity supply. Consequently, during evening peak the probability of North – South Transit break and emergency risk considerably increases. 

In total 94 cases of emergency power surge automatics operation (PSA) with start of command to disconnect consumers in the Central Asia were registered as of 1 March on North – South Transit for the whole period of the current AWP.  

During February regular deviations of Uzbekistan’s electric power system from the schedule were registered towards receipt of electricity and capacity (200 - 300 MW). Noncontractual takeoff of electricity from Kazakhstan UPS results in incomplete receipt by Kazakhstan consumers of services on electric power control from energy sources of Kyrgyzstan and violations of planned net power flow on the border with the Russian Federation. As of 28 February 2011 according to current data the volume of unplanned electricity flow from Russia exceeded 12  mln. kWh. 

In the current autumn and winter period the maximum consumption in Kazakhstan UPS was registered on 22 December 2010 and made12834 MW, this being higher than the indicator of the previous AWP by 392 MW or by 3.2%.