Agreement Reached in Negotiations with Uzbekenergo


Negotiations between the delegations of KEGOC and Uzbekenergo held in Tashkent to resolve the situation regarding the links between the Kazakhstan Unified Power System (UPS) and the Integrated Power System of Central Asia were successful.

As a result of the meetings held from 26 to 29 December, Uzbekenergo and KEGOC have signed two contracts: one is for the purchase by the Uzbeks of the unplanned electricity produced in the UPS of Kazakhstan, and the other is for the purchase of electrical power regulation services.

Establishing a contractual framework for relationship between the neighbouring grids should stabilize the situation and create conditions for ensuring a reliable power supply in southern Kazakhstan over the winter period.

As previously reported, from the beginning of the current winter period, on several occasions the power system of Uzbekistan was responsible for the unauthorised consumption of electricity and power from the UPS of Kazakhstan. These have caused a number of technological disturbances in terms of disrupted North-South electricity transmission in Kazakhstan including material load shedding of consumers in central and southern regions of the country.