On 26 April 2016, KEGOC held annual hearings on provided regulated services to the clients and other stakeholders in 2015.

KEGOC's report covered:

-  The execution of investment programmes and investment projects including those approved by the authorized government body;

-  The key financial and economic performance indicators of the natural monopoly operations in the reporting period;

-  The amount of regulated services provided during the reporting period;

-  The relations with the regulated services clients;

-  The clause-by-clause execution of electricity transmission tariffs approved by an authorized government body

-  The future operations (development plan), including possible changes in the regulated service tariffs.

The annual report on provided regulated services with rationale



Annual report on delivery by natural monopoly the regulated services (goods, work) to consumers and other concerned parties;

Substantiation on each of subclauses of Clause 13 of the Rules;

Clarification of clause-by-clause execution of the tariffs.