Attn.: KEGOC's shareholders


We hereby inform the shareholders of KEGOC that pursuant to Article 23.4 of the Law on Joint-Stock Companies, dividends must be paid no later than ninety days from the date of the decision to pay dividends on ordinary shares. Accordingly, the period of dividend payment to KEGOC shareholders following the results of 2018 (the decision of the annual General Meeting of Shareholders dated 3 May 2019, Minutes No. 13) expires on 1 August 2019. KEGOC plans to pay dividends by 20 June 2019. 

The total amount of funds payable as dividends to KEGOC shareholders is fourteen billion one hundred seventy seven million seven hundred twenty four thousand two hundred and three tenge thirty tiyn (14,177,724,203.30), which is 87.7% of KEGOC’s net income for 2018 less twenty billion nine hundred thirty seven million six hundred eighty eight thousand sixty three tenge thirty tiyn (20,937,688,063.30) of the previously paid dividends for H1 2018.

The dividend per one ordinary share is fifty-four tenge fifty-three tiyn (KZT 54.53).

The list of KEGOC's shareholders, who has the right for dividends on KEGOC's ordinary shares for 2018 was finalised on 14 May 2019.