The Central Communications Service held a briefing of KEGOC’s Management Board Chairman


On 10 September 2018 the CCS held a briefing of the Chairman of KEGOC’s Management Board, Bakytzhan Kazhiyev, titled ‘Power Industry: New Technologies - New Opportunities’.

During the briefing, the head of the National Electricity Grid Company noted that the key innovative development area in the world electric power industry is the concept of the Smart Grid, the smart power system. It involves the control over behavior of all participants in the electric power industry: generation, transmission, distribution, sale, consumption and system operating.

"Today the National Electricity Grid controlled by KEGOC has a high level of digital technologies implemented. In terms of technology, the National Electricity Grid is among the world’s leading power systems," highlighted Bakytzhan Kazhiyev.

The company has already introduced some smart system elements. In particular, the digital relay protection and automation devices, system for dispatch control and data collection (SCADA), automated commercial metering system (CMS), controlled 500 kV shunt reactors, phase shifting devices, and fiber-optic communication channels.

KEGOC systematically works on the introduction of digital technologies and has launched the Kazakhstan UPS operation mode control management project, which is included in the Digital Kazakhstan Government’s programme. The project includes three components:

1.  Control system based on synchrophasor technologies (WAMS/WACS), which will increase the transmission of electricity through the existing network due to increased observability and implementation of new algorithms for real time network control;

2.   Automatic frequency and power control (ARChM), which will ensure more efficient use of domestic power plants capacity;

3.   The centralized emergency control automatics system (TsSPA), which will decrease consumer outages in case of technological violations.

The Chairman of the Management Board also explained the advantages the smart power system.

"All participants of the power sector enjoy the benefits of the high-efficient power system. The state will receive a reliable electric power infrastructure creating conditions for economic development. Electric grid companies will use the network transmission capacity more effectively, and power plants will use the generating capacities with maximum effectiveness. The consumer, through the use of smart meters, solar panels on the roofs, batteries and electric vehicles will be not only optimize its own expenses, but also receive additional revenues from the sale of surplus electricity", said Bakytzhan Kazhiyev.

Another technology that can become an important part of the smart power system is the direct current transmission. Today, KEGOC is considering the possible construction of the North-South DC line, which, compared to conventional lines, will transfer 4-5 times more power and ensure controlled power transmission over significant distances. This is going to be the first such project not only in Kazakhstan, but in all former-Soviet countries.

In addition, Kazakhstan has successfully implemented a mechanism to support the development of renewable energy sources (RES) based on the guaranteed purchase of renewable energy through the financial settlement centre determined by Kazakhstan Government as a single purchaser on the RES market. The total installed capacity of operating RES power plants in Kazakhstan is 428 MW.

The head of the National Company closed his speech by noting that the systematic implementation of new technologies in Kazakhstan’s power system would not only increase its operation reliability, but also the people’s living standards as a whole.