Competition among Electrical Linemen


The competition among 9 teams of Electrical Linemen of Intersystem Electric Networks (MES) branches was held on 24-27 April 2012 at the training base at 220 kV Makinsk SS (Akmola Oblast) of Kazakhstan Electricity Grid Operating Company.

The competition is conducted on a regular basis to improve professional skills of the personnel, expand advanced methods and means for performance of repair and maintenance works on high-voltage lines, introduce new devices and tools, increase the safety level during emergency recovery works. Such competition was held in 2003, 2005 and 2008 comprising the following stages:

1.   Check the teams’ safety equipment, documentation, tools, devices, protection means and new developments.

2.   Check knowledge of effective rules and instructions on PC.

3.   Replace defective insulators on a tension string of 500 kV OHTL and 220 kV OHTL metal towers using tension puller and ladder.

4.   Replace a defective conductor spacer in a span of 500 kV OHTL towers using a suspended trolley without a lift truck.

5.   Render first aid to the injured against an electric current.

Based on the competition results the Akmolinskiye MES team will represent the Republic of Kazakhstan in September 2012 at the international competition among electric power companies of the CIS in Vinnitsa (Ukraine). The winner gained 641 points and was awarded a challenge cup, Certificate of Honor and a valuable gift (notebook computer).

As a traditional leader the Severnye MES team gained 621 points and was awarded a Silver Medal. The Tsentralnye MES team moved into third place with 548 points. The referees commission also made a decision to award Nurlan Dzhunussov (Sarbaiskiye MES) the title of “Best Master”. Alibek Abdikarimov (Aktubinskiye MES) was awarded the title of “Best Electrical Lineman”. Based on recommendations of the participating teams, Igor Fedoskin, Head of Transmission Line Service in KEGOC Yuzhnye MES Branch was recognized the best referee of the competition.

Reference information:

KEGOC is a System Operator of the Kazakhstan Unified Power System. The asset complex of the Company includes transmission lines of all voltage classes with a total length of more than 24 thousand kilometers, 74 transformer and master substations comprising the National Power Grid, which ensures interstate power flows, power delivery from public-service power plants, connection between distribution electric network companies and large consumers.