Employee of KEGOC was awarded the title as ‘Best specialist’ (posthumously)


Andrey Adamov, the former head of the Testing and Diagnostics Service of the Tsentralnye MES branch of KEGOC became the winner of the competition ‘Best specialist’ (best in profession) held in 2020 by the Social Relations and Communications Centre (SRCC).

Unfortunately, Andrei Adamov, died at the end of last year, before the results of the competition were announced. 

On 29 March 2021, the award was presented to the widow, Irina Chermashentseva, who, on behalf of the Adamov family, thanked the management of KEGOC and its employees for the support and appreciation of Andrey Ivanovich's work. 

Andrei Adamov was an Honoured Power Engineer of the CISa member of a large dynasty of power engineers and had other merits. The total experience of the Adamov family in the electric power industry is about 150 years. 

Andrei Adamov will remain in the memory of his colleagues as a first-class specialist who, in addition to his direct duties, did a lot of social work in the team: he helped in 2006 and in 2009 to prepare teams of power engineers for participation in international competitions, managed to do science, was the chairman of Trade Union Committee a branch of the ‘Sectoral Trade Union of Energy Industry Employees’. Mainly, this was the reason for his nomination from among the thousands of KEGOC employees to participate in the competition. 

KEGOC team honours and keeps the bright memory of Andrei Adamov and is proud of the high acknowledgement of the deceased's professional achievements.