Energizing 500 kV OHTL Agadyr - Zhezkazgan


 The repair and recovery works at the emergency section were completed within a very short period of time by successful energizing of 500 kV OHTL Agadyr – Zhezkazgan.

Energizing of 500 kV OHTL Agadyr – Zhezkazgan on the threshold of the Capital City Day celebration will contribute to improvement of reliability of power supply in Kazakhstan Unified Power System.

The consequences of the emergency were rectified 6 days earlier than the planned deadline by transmission line teams of the KEGOC’s Tsentralnye, Vostochnye, Akmolinskiye, Severnye and Almatinskiye MES branches.

As it was informed earlier, 14 reinforced concrete towers of transmission lines fell on 25 June as a result of adverse weather conditions (excessive wind speed and abundant rainfall) in Karaganda Province.